Co-Working: Solutions for Tomorrow’s Economy

Local Area Producers!

Homesteaders, artisans, and home-based entrepreneurs, we are opening the doors of our 107 yr. Farmhouse as a Co-working space tailored just for you!

Just imagine getting up in the morning to head into the office, but your office is a gorgeous century old Farmhouse.

Breakfast nook

When you arrive to work, a couple of your “Co-workers” are just settling down for herbal teas in the breakfast nook overlooking the garden.

breakfast nook tea

After catching up with your community you wander the house to see where you want to set up station for the day.  We have plenty of seating so you can choose which place best suits your needs.

Dinning space

If you have a private meeting or client face-to-face, you can sign up for one of the private meeting spaces.

Living room

As part of our Farmhouse community you will have Mon.-Fri. access to:
* Lots of community working space
* Fully equipped kitchen
* Private meeting rooms that can be reserved
* Membership to the ‘Front Porch Store’ co-op (to sell your items)
* Weekly business ‘Lunch and Learns’ with other Farmhouse entrepreneurs
* Over a half acre of garden/orchards to enjoy 🌱

To find out more, call 509.844.4729 for pricing and to schedule your spot in the next breakfast tour.

Development of a Dream

Our Vision is becoming a reality here at Fruit Hill Farm!

Let’s take a tour so you can see what we’ve been up to…


Our sign is finally up in front of our 107 year old farm house.  This house is full of character and soon will be open for co-working space membership!

Also, onsite is our Front Porch Store, located behind and to the right of the house.  When you step inside, you’ll find all natural products to help you live your best life.  We also carry books and items made by local artisans- it is very important to us to support local businesses and independent artists.


Exiting the store, go ahead to the back to see the progress.  We’ve put a ton of work into what will become our espalier orchard, pumpkin patch, and demonstration/research garden.  This area is truly the heart and soul of Fruit Hill Farm, as it represents our commitment to sustainability and healing the land base.  We’re 100% committed to turning this once neglected field into a place where people can learn and see exactly how to plant the garden of their dreams.  We are a small company and we do all the work ourselves.  Our small but mighty team have accomplished so much, and there is more to come.

Here is the back area in April 2019…

In May of 2019, we are watering our newly planted orchard…

Our trees all lined up and ready for sale!

Speaking of plants for sale, we’ve  definitely saved the best for last.  We’ve been growing our inventory for months, and we have plants for everyone- from the novice gardener to the seasoned homesteader.

Store is open

We’ve stocked a huge variety of edible perennials, fruit trees, vegetable starts, any herb you could possibly need, and a plethora of berry bushes- both the usual to the ‘harder to find’.

Of course our real passion is education, research, and community capacity building.  We want every aspiring gardener to have access to the information they need in order to create the garden of their dreams.  If you have been yearning to turn that unused patch in your backyard into a sustainable garden full of delicious food, if you want to reduce your grocery costs, or if you’ve ever envisioned yourself picking fresh herbs to really make your dinner pop- well we want to help you get there.  We walk each and every client through the planting process, giving them the tools they need to make their garden flourish.

So that’s our farm!

But why not just see for yourself?