Our Team

Shawna Beese and Kristi Kimmet

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Shawna Beese (pictured on the right) graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  She went on later to earn a Masters in Business Administration.  Passionate about increasing household productivity and neighborhood economies, Shawna created a venture she could use her background to promote a lifestyle of resilience.

Kristi Kimmet (pictured on the left) serves Fruit Hill Farm in multiple capacities!  As a retired field biologist and researcher, Kristi has over 2 decades of ethnobotany experience.  She serves in the roles of advisory board member, and nursery & garden specialist.

Scott Grorud

Scott memeScott Grorud retired from the United States Air Force as a senior master sergeant.  He went on to graduate from Washington State University (WSU) with a Bachelors of the Science of Nursing and has 15 years of healthcare management experience.  At Fruit Hill Farm, he specializes in animal husbandry and manages our Backyard Animals program.

Laura Metcalf

Laura Headshot

As the newest member of our team, Laura Metcalf brings over 12 years of marketing/sales experience to Fruit Hill Farm, LLC.  Having attended world renowned Wellesley College, Laura infuses a ton of smarts into her role as business development specialist.

Zach B.

Zach headshot

Zach is our youngest advisory board member.  He brings to our team over seven years of Farmer’s Market experience and one year of greenhouse experience.  During the summer he is a nursery and garden specialist.