Co-Working: Solution for Tomorrow’s Economy

Homesteaders, artisans, and home-based entrepreneurs, we are opening the doors of our 107 yr. farmhouse for Co-working opportunities tailored just for you!

Just imagine getting up in the morning to head into the office, but your office is a gorgeous century-old farmhouse.

Breakfast nook

When you arrive to work, a couple of your “Co-workers” are just settling down for herbal teas in the breakfast nook overlooking the garden.

breakfast nook tea

After catching up with your community you wander the house to see where you want to set up a station for the day.  We have plenty of seating so you can choose which place best suits your needs.

Dinning space

If you have a team meeting or client face-to-face, you can sign up to use one of the private meeting spaces.

Living room

At Fruit Hill Farm, we believe that community is essential.  Join our community today!

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