The Productive Homestead

The best way to ensure your place in the new economy is increasing the productivity of your home.

How do you increase your home’s productivity?

True productivity is the creation of products of the 3 economic sectors.

Primary Sector (raw material resources)

*  Land capable of growing food
*  Forrests and biomass
*  Produce and livestock
*  Unpolluted bodies of water
*  Mined minerals and metals

Secondary Sector (manufactured goods)

This is everything we make, process, manufacture, or ‘finish’ from primary sector resources.

Tertiary Sector (services)

These are all the things we do for each other through commerce, including financial instruments that ‘represent’ primary and secondary sector wealth.

Household Productivity Index

Present Productivity Index =
100 (past household cost of living / present household cost of living )%

For example:

If your pre-homesteading annual household cost of living last year was $56,000

But now your monthly food costs have gone down due to gardening and building an effective larder system, and you’ve even made a little money you make selling surpluses from your homestead and now your annual household costs this year are $49,500…what is your present productivity index?

100 (56,000 / 49,500) % = 113%

Indexes >100% are excellent and reflect your increased household productivity!

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