Garden Helpers

Love having healthy homegrown produce to eat all summer long, but need help with the upkeep that a garden requires?

A garden maintenance subscription might just be what you need.  Let us take the work and stress out of having a garden.  Our garden helpers are trained to know exactly what your garden needs and when it needs it in order to get a bountiful harvest.

What’s included?

Our garden helpers show up once a week to do general maintenance on your garden.

*  Harvest produce (if client desires)

*  Weeding, its what we love to do!

*  Removal of dead leaves, remove spent plants, and general tidying of garden

*  Apply organic fertilizer as needed

*  Pinch, trellis, stake and prune plants as needed

*  Utilize Integrated Pest Management to prevent and control pests

*  Replant as discussed with client, such as lettuce, and radishes

*  Plant a cover crop at the end of the season to help naturally add nitrogen to the soil

*  Leave the client notes about garden, and follow up e-mail on garden status

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Let us help you grow healthy fruits and vegetables for your family!

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  1. I am interested in your Garden Maintenance Package. I met Robin at the Spokane Home and Garden Show and told her I was interested and would contact her. My address is 26230 South Glass Lane, Worley Idaho. The house is on lake Coeur d’ Alene and I could use the help with the garden. Understand the distance might be an issue but would like to discuss payment to cover costs.

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