Dreaming of Having a Garden?

Dream no more!  Want fresh healthy produce to your family but don’t have the time, or know where to start?  Let us help your family get started on the road to healthy living.  Large or small we are here to help you with your garden needs.

What do we provide?

Complete garden installation: Soil site prep, soil amendments as needed, mulch, vegetable starts and seed installation, row markers, and garden support.

Garden Plant and Seed Installation: Already have a garden space, or beds?  No time to pickup plants or seeds, let alone put them in the ground?  Let us take the stress away and get that garden growing.  This option works well for busy families, especially when coupled with our garden maintenance package.

Garden Maintenance: For those busy individuals who want healthy produce but don’t have the time for the weekly maintenance needed to keep plants healthy and producing.

Raised Garden Beds: For families lacking space, don’t like the looks of a traditional garden, or those who have mobility issues raised garden beds are

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