Policy vs. Politics

We have been very fortunate for the last 50-60 years in the United States.  For over half a century even when crisis hits, the real life consequences were only experienced by a relative few.

In the US we have yet to experience a post-WWII event that leaves the majority of our population to rely on only the resources and communities we have established.  An event like that is the winter we all seem to fear, but far too few are actually preparing for.

Resurrecting Civil Discourse

True consensus is impossible if people are never encouraged to consider facts that violate what they want to believe.  Yet consensus is prerequisite if we want to be a strong nation, woven together by a social contract.  It has been a popular sentient of recent years to equate ‘social contract’ with welfare for the poor.  Don’t be fooled.  Current day products of a social contract are:

*  Disaster relief

*  The promise to keep up on infrastructure and not just roads, dams, and bridges, they also include nuclear facilities

*  Management of water and waste management

*  All entitlement programs, including ones you may believe you have already ‘earned’ liked Medicare and Social Security

*  The military and police

Even if we are willing to abandon the social contract altogether, conversations in our country need to shift back to ones about actual policies, not hyper-partisan politics.  At the very least so we can withdraw from current agreements in a safe manner.

We the people should refuse to accept anything less.

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