Making America Great Again…

Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.
-John F. Kennedy

Many ‘conversations’ surrounding multiculturalism today are the most non-productive conversations we can be having as a nation. Claims that our nation’s story is one of a pure western civilization origin are objectively false.

We have always been a multicultural nation!

This is a truth that goes WAY deeper than the fact the earliest settlers landed on a continent that was already populated by countless nations of people.  This truth goes way beyond the fact that african bloodlines are as interwoven into this nation’s story and saturate her soil as significantly as european bloodlines.  This truth is merely punctuated by the fact that in the era this nation became great on the world stage it was hand-in-hand with an open doors immigration policy that is symbolized by Ellis Island.

I am not rehashing a history that none of us experienced firsthand.  I am not making commentary on current day immigration policy.  I am saying as a point of fact, any assertion that America has not always been a multicultural nation robs us of our history that make us unique, even exceptional by some counts.

Our diversity is not the enemy within, our current day weakness and victimhood are the enemy within.  Those are the ‘conversations’ we need to have as a country in an effort to be great again.

To my ear narratives from people afraid of being replaced and loosing ‘their share’, sounds like an excuse for not wanting work hard to build the lives they desire.  Just as much as people who let century old events stand in their way of building the life they want.

Life is not easy for anyone!  Yet today it is easier than the vast majority of periods in history.

Americans, of every variety, were once known for having the grit and personal ownership it took to overcome the struggles of life.  Only when we start to embrace that fact, and JFK’s words of universal wisdom, will we be great again!

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