Front Porch Store

This last year as we cleaned out our house of all our extra ‘stuff’, to make more room for more life in our home.  We had some items we knew were no longer for us but still had a lot of value.

Serendipitously, around the same time we were reading quite a bit about the gift economy, as well as speculation about future economies being built on reclaiming and repurposing old discarded items.

As an experiment we set up a ‘store’ in our enclosed front porch.  We stocked the store with surplus products from our homestead, handmade jewelry, books that contain ideas we want to share, and all the items we wanted to hold onto until their next home was found.

So far the store has just been open to family, friends, neighbors, and dinner guests.  Yet we daydream of a community of neighbors, all with Front Porch Stores open to their neighbors.  A community like that would be the model of resilience!


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