All Neighbors Welcomed

Last year my husband and I made the commitment to each other to make our community a bigger priority.  This includes our family, home, church, the natural world, and our Millwood neighbors.

Over the last few years we have noticed that there is a major leadership crisis going on.  Both in corporate and government arenas, our leaders are focused on such sensationally macro-issues that they have lost all their potency as leaders!  Public discourse has followed suit as well.  The vast majority of conversations today are about issues that have little real-life implications.

A year ago when we made our commitment, Scott and I decided we didn’t want to continue to spend our energies and resources fragmented on surface level efforts across a bunch of issues.  In response we committed to going deeper with our community.

What Does That Mean?

It means whole heartedly we are going to make our best effort to live out the greatest commandments, even when we feel awkward reaching out to neighbors.  We will do it, even when we are tired and one more volunteer obligation feels inconvenient.  We will passionately invest ourselves into the greatest commandments, even when no one is looking, because it isn’t about us.

Loving God and our neighbors means we are open.  We look forward to where the journey will lead us.  It means at our house, all neighbors welcomed!

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