Saving the Bees (Part 2)

February 2016 we took a beekeeping class at our local Washington State University extension office.  We also joined the Inland Empire BeeKeepers Association (IEBA).  On April 16, 2016 we picked up our bee packages from Tate Farms.  It was official, we were beekeepers!

Previous to becoming beekeepers we had heard about ‘colony collapse syndrome’, but we were not educated on issues of large scale bee farming.

We were not aware that 1/3rd of every bite we take is directly or indirectly linked to bee activity.  More than 1/3rd the more plant based your diet becomes.

Watching documentaries such as ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ and ‘More than Honey’, and our experience, have convinced us that the future of bees has nothing to do with innovating solutions to enable a small number of companies to maintain hundreds of thousands of colonies.

The future of bees will be innovating solutions that enable hundreds of thousands of new backyard beekeepers to engage in this noble work.

Saving the Bees (original post)

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