Winemaking Basics

Every year we pick Concord grapes at my friend’s homestead.  This fall we tried our hands at winemaking for the first time.


2 Gallons of steam juiced Concord grape juice

4 cups of turbinado sugar

2 tsp. wine yeast


After we steam juiced 2 gallons of grape juice, we mixed the sugar in to juice and then set aside to cool.

We added the 2 tsp. of wine yeast in a 1/2 cup of warm tap water and let set for 20 minutes to ‘activate’ the yeast.  We waited for the juice to be between temp range of 104-109 degrees, before we added it to the juice.


After the wine yeast was mixed into the juice, we bottled the juice into 1/2 gallon growlers with a wine funnel.  We then capped the growler with air lock tops.


We set aside the wine growlers in a warm location to ferment for 6-8 weeks.  We plan on tasting our first batch of wine with Thanksgiving dinner!


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