Do It Anyway…

What did I do when my hero rejected me?  

Recently one of my heroes rejected my work. He is a public figure who was so influential in my personal formation to becoming my truer self.  Last month he posted a video, I’ve Lost Patience.  In the video he criticizes people who retreat in self-comfort instead of actively ‘resisting’ the environmental devastation that civilization is creating.  In his assessment these people are narcissistic and he, “Has no use for them.”

The part of his video that cut closest to my heart is that he included gardeners in amongst his identified lot of indulgent self-soothers!

What happened next, is predictable and a little embarrassing.  In some lost cause to compel him to validate my work and count me among his ilk, I tried to explain how important I felt gardening is.

His reply…

“Gardening would’t have stopped Hitler. We need to stop the primary destructions.”

Ouch!  I was not misunderstood. One of my heroes just fundamentally held little value for my work.  After reflecting on my path, I still believe it is the work I would betray my existence not to be doing.

Oh well, I will do it anyway.

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