The Story of Trees

“Society grows great when the elders plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit.”  Greek Proverb

I had a wonderful lunch today with some new friends (and a dear old friend).  The discussion over lunch was about the importance of building community.

One of my lunch mates shared the story about Millwood’s tree lined avenues being here because of one family’s commitment over a century ago.  The Woodard family planted trees to nurture a timeless neighborhood feel to attract others to this area.  As the papermill brought workers here, they help built a town with features that serve us well today.

The walkability of our city, the main street business district, railroad access, and all the trees planted and nurtured were ensured by people who are no longer here.

The conversation begs me to ask, “What will we leave for the next generation of Millwood citizen’s?


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