Winter Ready

The crisp sting of fall is in the air!

For us that means it is time to plant our bulbs.  Normally we plant lots of garlic, in a wide array of varieties, but this year we are trying something new.

This year we are planting:

*  Anemones

*  Crocuses

*  Daffodils

*  Hyacinthus

*  Irises

*  Muscari

*  Tulips

These lovely spring flowers will be an early season boost for our bees.  Since the areas we want to instal the new beds on are very rocky soil, we decided to experiment with a soil building technique and create new beds.

After setting out our bulbs in the desired pattern, we heavy mulched the new beds with alternating layers of 10 bales worth of straw left over from our straw bale gardens and about 180 lbs. of coffee grounds free from Starbucks. We installed 4 separate spring perennial beds in our front yard with this method.


(Free Garden Grounds)


(Winterized Roses and New Spring Bulb Garden)

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