Refuse, Reuse, Repurpose

Throughout 2017 we have been trying to simplify and purge our home of the mountains of ‘stuff’ that have accumulated over the years, so we can expanded our household.  Sensitive to the resources that went into everything we are trying to clear from our living space we don’t just want to throw all this stuff away.

We have been given things away, donating items, and we ‘up cycling’, or repurposing with added added value, to use as gifts or to use in neighborhood exchanges.

Last week my dad gifted me a few boxes of old mason jars he found in his basement.  I had some leftover beeswax from last years harvest. The combination begged for me to spend the afternoon making beeswax candles.


Last year was my first year harvesting honey, so the beeswax I set aside wasn’t the 100% pure wax bar an experienced beekeeper would have in their stores.  My wax still had a sticky residue, so I decided to mix my beeswax with paraffin wax that most hobbyist candle makers use.


For this project, I was persuaded to use wood wicks by a more experienced candlemaker.  I always hold back a test sample from anything I make to test before offering my products to others.  After burning my test candle, I realized I personally prefer the way a regular cotton wick burns.  However, the wick did burn clean which was a concern of mine.


I have set aside my beeswax candles as future gifts. Here they are pictured with what is left of our 2016 honey harvest and some lavender-honey wax balm I made a month ago.

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