My Hometown

When I was 8 weeks old, I was blessed to come home to a farmhouse nestled on the banks of the the Spokane River.  My entire life, except my college years, I have been privileged to call Millwood my home.

There are countless emotional reasons for why I love living in Millwood.

*  My son is growing up under the watchful eyes of a multigenerational village of family, friends, and treasured neighbors

*  The people I’m closest to live here

*  Our streets are a safe place for the neighborhood children to play, grow, and fall in love with the natural beauty that surrounds us

Yet for all the emotional ties I have to this city, there are just as many strategic reasons I believe Millwood is a wise place to live.  It is in the spirit of love and commitment to my hometown that I declare my candidacy for City Council Position #1 for Millwood, WA.

Millwood a City Prepared for the Future

* Water security- The Spokane river provides one of our city’s boarders. From the highest vantage point that is ultimate water security.  Of course there are rules and processes that govern the use of water and I have confidence in how our water is being managed.  

*  A walkable city- Everywhere in Millwood is a walkable distance away. My church, the homes of family members, and my closest childhood friend are all a short 15 minute walk away. Accessible and self contained community equals resilience for every Millwood citizen.

*  Downtown business community & farmer’s market- Millwood has a robust business community and a weekly farmer’s market, all mere blocks away from my front porch. That is rare after the over half-century trend of building suburban developments in locations that create a clear fragmentation between residents and commerce.

*  Century old trees and perennial gardens- We love to garden in Millwood! Our tree lined streets aren’t just walkable, they are simply beautiful to walk.  All those neighborhood gardens and suburban livestock equal food security.  The fact that a good portion of Millwood’s gardens and trees have well established root systems is even better in regards to drought tolerance.  

*  Self governed- As its own incorporated town/city for 90 years, Millwood is governed by a Mayor-Council model. That is a benefit to citizens because decisions are made by people who are dedicated to living the consequences of their choices. Due to the longevity of our self-governance there are also ample built in opportunities for citizens to be involved in decision making and to have their voices carry weight.

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