Building Stronger Neighborhoods

Connect the dots- There are people in your neighborhood that need to know each other!

People you know are working on similar projects, experiencing a similar struggle, or have personalities you know are a perfect match.  When you make neighborhood connections everyone wins.  Your neighborhood will be happier, stronger, and more resilient!  Plus they will always remember who introduced them.

Listen and solve problems for others- I have a neighbor, Bob. When I gifted him a jar of our freshly strained honey last fall, we discussed all the trials my family went through with our first honey harvest as new beekeepers.  Little did I know that Bob’s dad was a beekeeper and one day Bob presented me with an old, beautifully refurbished, hand cranked honey extractor.  I could not believe it!  Bob had even welded me a new handle for the crank.

Needless to say, if Bob ever needs anything from my family he merely needs to ask.  Never underestimate the impact that listening to others and sharing solutions will create.

Share a book- This takes sharing advice to a whole another level.  Books are an efficient means to share complex ideas, inspire new behaviors, solicit powerful responses, provide meaning for painful experiences, and in short change a person’s world!

A carefully selected book is always a perfect way to impact another’s life.

Send a card- Thank you cards are making a come-back.  Take your card-writing practice to the new heights and incorporate: congratulations, birthday, and sympathy card writing.

Personalized, handwritten cards are the perfect gesture to brighten a neighbor’s day.

Break bread- Resurrect the tradition of taking people lunch, out to coffee, sending them treats from your garden, or inviting them over to your home.  If this is the only discipline you adopt, your likeability factor will go through the roof.  People love, and feel loved, through food and fellowship!

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