Home Economics

One of the most significant changes my family has been making is trying to establish as much productivity within, or in proximity to, our home as possible.  It was not so long ago that the family home was the economic engine for the family.  We are trying to reconnect to that tradition.

My husband and I both have careers in healthcare management, and the same skills that created success in the corporate settings are not the same skills that will create success on our new path.


Four fundamental ways our new path differs from our management careers are:

*  Successful professionals are skilled at executing and refining existing business models.  In many ways the task at hand for the modern day homesteader is to create new economic models that don’t yet exist.  People who will be successful at retrofitting their modern homes into the primary source of their incomes, will be reimagining ways to use heritage skills in the modern context.

*  Community building will be key in the new economy.  Identifying community needs and testing creative solutions is a priority.  Corporate professionals spend a lot of time with the public engaged in communication to execute specific messaging.  Yet a listen first approach is the only way to build a community and respond to the changing times.

*  For corporate professionals, organizational growth is a big part of the job.  It is hard for experienced managers like Scott and I to not want to find the ‘right’ model and jump to the scaling. The future will be built by people who aren’t just working within one model, but making many models work and integrating models when appropriate.

*  Last, the future holds a high-degree of ambiguity.  That is certain.  Professionals likely rose to the heights of their organizations because they created order out of chaos.  We are entering a world of ‘peak everything’.  Living with, and adapting to, uncertainty is key to success.

Backyard garden

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