Homegrown Tinctures

Last winter I took an herbal medicine course and fell in love!

With peaceful joy, I anticipated starting my own homegrown healing library of tinctures, honeys, and salves during the 2017 growing season.

Yarrow Tincture


What I used:

* A handful of fresh cut yarrow (top 3rd of plant)

* Pint Mason Jar

* 80 Proof Vodka


After I had Scott correctly confirm my identification of the plant, I chopped the top portion of the plant into a bowl.

Then I transferred the Yarrow to a mason jar and bruised the plant a bit with my pestle.

Last I covered plant completely with 80 proof (40% alcohol) Vodka in a ~2:1 ratio (2 parts Vodka to 1 part fresh plant).

In 6-8 weeks I will strain all plant material out of the alcohol infusion with cheesecloth, and the remaining liquid will be a Yarrow Tincture.

Feverfew Tincture

What I used:

* A handful of fresh Feverfew flowers and leaves

* Pint Mason Jar

* 80 Proof Vodka


For the Feverfew Tincture, I repeated roughly the same process I used with the Yarrow Tincture. This included having my husband independently confirm plant identification.

This is my first year making my own herbal preprations and I am NOT AN EXPERT. Nevertheless, I’m sure having a lot of fun learning and reconnecting with the healing properties of our natural world.

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