Running For Office

I’m going to be the President someday!”, I proudly declared to my mom when I was six years old.

My mom looked up, and then resumed gardening.

After a pause she finally responded, “Being the President doesn’t seem like a very fulfilling job. It’s more a figurehead position than anything. You won’t make the positive impact you want for your community.

Seeing she had captured my interest, she continued. “If you want to make a real difference, you should run for state or local office.

A big smile crossed my face as I ran down to play by the river, “Someday I will!

On May 15th I filed my candidacy for City Council Position #1 for Millwood, WA.

Just imagine if across our nation, citizens who are truly invested in the towns and cities they live in, grew up in, and will likely grow old in, ran for local level leadership.

Can you imagine how city by city, town by town, our nation could be healed?

What if government decisions were made by people wholly committed to living the consequences of those decisions? What if we could trust that governmental officials were acting for the benefit of a community they belonged to, and not in ambitious personal interest?

I believe public service positions at the local level, are the most essential leadership positions in our nation today and that is why I am running for office.

2 Replies to “Running For Office”

  1. How wonderful a thing it is to desire to SERVE mankind and country!
    The need is so great, and the benefits on-going…not to mention, sorely needed at this time in our land.

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