My Grandpa

I lost my grandpa almost 10 years ago…he was a good man.

Like many men of his day, my grandpa stood by his values even when they became inconvenient to his fleeting desires. He was a man of great compassion sometimes yielding his own self-interests. As a lifelong republican/classical liberal, he started leaning toward the libertarian party from the 1970’s onward. He believed in the gold standard.

My grandpa didn’t view independence and community as being at odds. He valued self-reliance and took great care of his family. My grandpa also served in his community through his job and volunteerism. He believed relationships are how we all stay stronger together.

Grandpa attended church every Sunday. He cautioned the coupling of the evangelical movement and the political right in the 1980’s was horrible idea. He warned that such a coupling would erode the traditional core beliefs of both groups. I believe it has. Republicans are a worse versions of who they used to be. Christians too have forgotten who they are and the God they serve, in favor of supporting a party platform.

In today’s hyper-partisan world that appears void of empathy or reasonable thinking, he would of been called a cuck, snowflake, misogynist, or a deplorable. He wouldn’t of called anyone names at all.

I call him a ‘quiet hero’.

My prayer for this country…is that more people will choose to be like my Grandpa.

(originally appeared on Shawna’s former blog, Lion’s Thunder, 2/4/17)

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